As Scotland’s top timber supplier, we have a wide range of softwood products here at MGM Timber. Softwood is the most popular choice of timber for DIY projects such as cladding, decking, flooring, panelling and furniture because it is easy to work with.

We can supply trade and DIY customers alike with continually sustainable timber that has FSC and PEFC certifications. Not only that, but we have been supplying Scotland since 1991.

So, be it whitewood, redwood, cladding, or anything in between – we have you covered with affordable, premium-grade softwood timber.

Softwood Timber Products

MGM Timber is Scotland’s leading timber supplier. So, it’s no surprise that we offer a wide variety of different softwood timber products for a range of different applications.

Aside from the different types of softwood we offer, we can also provide our customers with products such as sawn and treated, structural, and CLS options.

We can offer several different sizing options that we have available for softwood products, such as:

10x38mm Sawn Treated Softwood (whitewood)

22x150mm Sawn Treated Softwood (whitewood)

38x139mm CLS Treated Softwood (whitewood)

Those looking for a specific size can get in touch with us, as we can provide specific sizing options for specialist projects.

Why Choose Us For Your Softwood?

Aside from our large stock and refined expertise, there are many reasons to choose us.

MGM Timber is more than just a supplier. We opened in 1991 and have had decades of experience in the industry, which is reflected in how we train our people. This means we can help you get what you need – and as part of the Donaldson Group you can trust our expertise with over 160 years’ experience in the timber industry.

But we strive to be a sustainable timber business, too, by keeping our environmental policies up to date and progressive.

Our Brilliant Delivery Service

And we can supply all this with a wide distribution chain across Scotland. Customers can use our branch locator to find the nearest MGM Timber branch.

We work hard and take pride in having an MGM branch at strategic locations throughout Scotland.

Additionally, Our delivery network handles deliveries across Scotland, big or small, and around our customers’ schedule if required.

Contact MGM Timber Now

When it comes to customer support, we aim to provide a service that can answer all your queries about our products to ensure you get what you need.

Our customer service team is available to help you with your request. Reach out to us, and we’ll see how we can assist you.

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