If you’re looking for the best hardwood plywood in the trade, you need look no further. At MGM Timber we stock only the highest grade hardwood plywood so that you can access quality timber no matter how big or small the job.

We’ve been in business since 1991, stocking the best hardwood plywood for the UK and backing that up with excellent customer service.

Our hardwood plywood comes from sustainably managed forests and we’re delighted to say we hold FSC and PEFC certification, certified by CATG, a key UKAS forestry body.

How Strong Is Hardwood Plywood?

Since it possesses such enviable compressive strength, hardwood plywood is a popular option for humid rooms and covered outdoor spaces, as it will not fail under weather conditions as other options may.

While hardwoods sometimes differ in terms of their strength and appearance, they are generally the most robust option available. Here are just a couple of options that we stock:

Wood That’s Easy To Maintain

There's a huge benefit in hardwood plywood in how easy it is to keep clean and maintain. It tends to be popular for this very reason, all that's needed is a brush and the dust is gone, leaving a shimmering floor in whatever finish you chose.

When it comes to refurbishing the floor, a pot of varnish is often all that's needed to do that job. Hardwood plywood is excellent for increasing the value of a property because wooden floors offer a fantastic rustic, traditional appearance.

Don’t forget that not only is hardwood plywood lovely to walk across even on your bare feet, that it is a natural insulator and that means hardwood helps keep your room warm whilst leading a gorgeous look too.

Hardwood Plywood Delivered In Scotland

With MGM Timber, once you’ve purchased the wood you need, we’ll deliver it carefully using our dedicated delivery service.

We deliver in our own vehicles, and you will be receiving a local delivery from a local branch, making it easy for trade customers to easily access our supplies.

We have a wide distribution chain across most of Scotland, so if desired, you can come to us and get a good look at your hardwood before picking it up. Find your closest branch here.

We’ll Help You Choose The Right Wood

Feel free to contact our service staff for advice on which types of hardwood are suitable for you and your construction project. We love to hear customers’ enquiries and point them in the right direction.

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