Veneered MDF

Our Veneered MDF is a premium grade MDF with a uniform density across the board. Suitable for straightforward machine and surface finishing, it gives you the benefits of timber without the natural defects.

So have a look at the fantastic products on offer at MGM Timber and we’re sure you’ll find one product that’s perfect for you. This fantastic hybrid MDF is a board of MDF complemented with a layer of real wood on the outside.

What Is Veneered MDF?

Our veneered MDF is a product with high quality, real wood face veneers combined with an easily machinable and consistent core.

In addition to this, the product has a good quality reverse veneer, making it suitable for applications when both sides of the board are visible.

When Is Veneered MDF Used?

Builders use it in many areas, such as furniture, shelves, laminate floors, decorative strips and doors. They appreciate MDF for its insulating properties in terms of sound and heat whilst maintaining a traditional wooden look.

It can be put together with glue, nails, grouting, or practically any way you’ve been taught. Usually, people working with MDF use a carbide saw equipped with a vacuum to reduce the amount of dust in the air.

We do recommend you take precautions and wear a mask if you’re working with it and the dust factor is such that a mask is required.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Wood

You might prefer using MDF that is veneered over real wood as it costs far fewer trees to produce. As is the case with all of our products, it is sourced ethically and certified by one or more leading environmental boards.

When Is MDF That Has Been Veneered Preferable To Solid Wood?

Veneered MDF sheets are particularly useful for furniture. Designer furniture is about very special constructions and shapes, and this is where it scores with its flexibility.

In contrast to solid wood, it allows the build of different thicknesses. Using MDF veneered sheets allows the craft of more functional products.

Hanging furniture also plays a major role, as a shelf or wall cabinet made of veneered board is light enough unlike solid wood which would be too heavy.

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