Moisture Resistant MDF

MGM Timber is Scotland’s leading timber merchant and offers a host of moisture-resistant MDF products. Not only are our products of exceptional quality, but all our products are sourced sustainably. And if you have a project needing a specific size of the board, our timber experts can sort you out.

MGM Timber is a CATG certified supplier of timber products meaning all our products have been certified as coming from sustainable sources. But our environmentally conscious ethos extends beyond sustainability, as we also have a highly efficient distribution chain that minimises our carbon footprint as much as possible while getting your products to you in a punctual manner.

Choosing to source timber from us means choosing an ethical, responsible timber merchant.

Our Moisture Resistant MDF At MGM Timber

Moisture Resistant MDF is a premium grade MDF designed for interior applications in humid environments. It gives you all the benefits of Standard MDF with the added advantage of moisture resistance. 

This superior board is most suitable in damp conditions such as kitchen and bathroom furniture, shopfitting, wall panelling, furniture making, washrooms and door manufacturing.

At MGM Timber, we stock a wide variety of boards to ensure that no matter what kind of project you have, we’ll have a board appropriate for your needs.

The Waterproof MDF That We Stock

We have many different waterproof MDF boards to choose from, such as:

  • 18x2440x1220mm Moisture Resistant MDF – a great standard size of waterproof MDF, ideal for a range of applications.
  • 12x2440x1220mm Moisture Resistant MDF – a slightly thinner size of board that is useful for lightweight applications.

Needing to find something more specific? Then reach out to us; we are more than happy to help you get exactly what you need.

Why Choose Us For Waterproof MDF Board?

MGM Timber has a wealth of experience when it comes to timber products and the timber trade. We’ve been in business since 1991 and are a part of the Donaldson Group, giving us over 160 years of timber industry heritage. We know good timber from bad timber and great products from mediocre ones.

We are also dedicated to remaining sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible by keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. We have implemented a range of policies and practices across our whole supply chain to honour this. 

Get Your Waterproof MDF Sheets Your Way

MGM Timber has 14 strategic locations across Scotland, which enables us to get your products to you in a punctual, effective way. We offer kerbside delivery, and for orders over £300 in value, you will qualify for free delivery.

We are all about providing exceptional products with an exemplary customer care focus.

Reach Out To MGM Timber’s Experts Now

Do you have any lingering questions about some of our products or our services? Then reach out to us; our experts are more than happy to discuss your needs with you and find a solution that works for your project. 

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