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Leaking areas in the building envelope cause energy loss and can lead to massive damage to the building due to mould. To prevent this the detailed construction work must be professionally and thoroughly carried out and critical areas carefully sealed.

Your advantage:

  • You save heating costs
  • You avoid mould
  • You stop draughts
  • You lock out odours, noise and summer heat
  • You increase the value of your house

Leaking areas which must be sealed to create an airtight building envelope:

  • Area where vapour control layer is joined to plastered masonry
  • Overlaps of vapour control layers or diffusion retarder sheeting or butt joints of wood-based panels
  • Circular and angled penetrations (e.g. electric cables, pipes, joists, corners and windows)
  • Base joints

Leaking areas which must be sealed to create a wind tight building envelope:

  • Overlaps of breathable membranes and facade membranes
  • Circular and angled penetrations (e.g. chimneys, pipes, joists and skylights)
  • Butt joints of roof insulating boards
  • Transitions from covering membranes to roof insulating boards
  • Concrete base joint

It is important to look out for first-class quality when selecting the adhesive tape. Because not all adhesive tapes are equal. Low-quality tapes often contain solvents and resins and can thus lose their adhesive strength after a short time. Apart from this they are harmful to health. Because they are mounted behind the cladding they cannot be simply replaced later. Consequences of low-quality tapes are building damage due to mould, high energy loss and draught.

SIGA high-performance adhesives offer first-class quality. All products keep their high adhesive strength throughout the life of your building. They are free from residential toxins, easy to apply, environmentally friendly and ensure a completely air and wind tight building envelope. The investment in high-quality SIGA products always pays off.

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